If you haven’t realized this by now, it truly is a Sellers’ Market. Now more than ever is a great time to sell property! Over the past year, home owners have gained an unprecedented opportunity to win big by selling in today’s housing market.

Here is a brief update on the current market. The State of New Hampshire has 1,206 Residential Listings (for the whole state). As of today, 2,594 Residential listings have closed year to date, with another 2,770 Under Agreement. This increase in demand coupled with such limited supply is leading to more bidding wars throughout the country.  

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Tight housing inventory has made 2021 a great year to list a home. Low interest rates mean homes are selling quickly and buyer competition remains as strong as it was in 2020. The average home is only on the market 3 weeks.

There are many reasons why Sellers are deciding to move, their house could be too small, there could be a change in family situation or maybe they just want to be closer to friends and family. There is also potential for major equity gains. The average home sold for a median of $66,000 more than what the sellers originally paid for it.

Sellers will continue to hold the upper hand throughout the 2021 market as the number of buyers in the market outweighs the number of homes for sale.

Are you ready to make a move? Now more than ever, even despite the digital age, skilled real estate agents are in high demand. Last year in 2020, 89% of sellers worked with an agent. Working with an agent it crucial, especially in this market. If you are interested in a market analysis to see what your home is worth in this hot market, call our office today! We would love the opportunity to serve you.

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There are clear financial benefits to owning a home, especially in today’s housing market. Whether it be increasing equity, the chance to build your net worth, or appreciating home values. These are just a few of the advantages to highlight. If you are currently renting, it is never too early to think about how homeownership can propel you toward a stronger future and greater financial security.

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Check out our business directory for great service providers! If you need a lender we can help you get connected with one. It's important to get your ducks in a row before searching for the right home for you. It allows you to see what you can afford so that you can search for homes that fit your budget! It is also very benefical to get Pre-Approved. Due to COVID-19, most seller's don't even want to show a home to a buyer that isn't Pre-Approved or has proof of funds. Need further assistance? Reach out to our office today and we would love to help. 

A home purchase is typically the largest investment someone will make. If you’re planning to buy a home, an appraisal is an important step in the process, if you are using financing. An appraisal is a professional evaluation of the market value of the home you’d like to purchase. An appraisal is typically ordered by the lender to confirm or verify the value of the home prior to lending you the money to purchase it. When you apply for a mortgage, an unbiased appraisal is the best way to confirm the value of the home based on the sales price. This will help make sure that the bank isn’t lending you more than the home is worth. Appraisals are especially critical in today’s seller’s market where the inventory is so low, it is driving home prices up, resulting in bidding wars. With a market like this, it gives a seller the impression that they can price their house at whatever they want because they are under the assumption that competing buyers will be willing to pay more; but keep in mind, the home still has to appraise and lender will only allow the buyer to borrow based on the value of the home.

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New Hampshire is the home to some of the best lakes in New England. In fact, we have 1,300 lakes and ponds throughout the state.

The Lakes Region of New Hampshire has attracted families from all over to it postcard-worthy shores and quaint towns for decades.

Lake Winnipesaukee, is a year-round vacation destination that offers beaches, swimming, and every water sport imaginable including ice fishing and the New England Pond Hockey Classic in the winter.